D R A G O N   R I G

The successful Dragon Mast from Denmark 


The brand is new - the product is proven and successful.

"Nordic Mast" already built its first Dragon mast in 1982.

From 2012 to 2018, the fast rigs were sold under the "Southern Spars" brand, based on the old Nordic mast profile.

Now the experienced team manufactures and sells the new generation of masts under their own brand "PS-Rigging".

M A S T ,  B O O M , S T A N D I N G  &  R U N N I G   R I G G I N G

Mast completely rigged

9.330,00 €

Artikelnummer: B001

Dragon Mast anodized, with Dyneema® SK99 runners & backstay 

(extremly low stretch, high breaking load)

Boom with vang

1.965,00 €

Artikelnummer: B002

Dragon Boom anadized

Spi pole

450,00 €

Artikelnummer: B003

Dragon Spi pole anadized

Headstay complete

640,00 €

Artikelnummer: B011


Set of jumpers

330,00 €

Artikelnummer: B012


Set of upper shrouds

530,00 €

Artikelnummer: B013


Set of lower shrouds

540,00 €

Artikelnummer: B014


Set of runners

200,00 €

Artikelnummer: B015

Dyneema® SK99 (extremly low stretch, high breaking load)


90,00 €

Artikelnummer: B015

Dyneema® SK99 (extremly low stretch, high breaking load)

Main halyard

160,00 €

Artikelnummer: B016


Jib halyard

135,00 €

Artikelnummer: B017


Spinnaker halyard

205,00 €

Artikelnummer: B018


Topping lift

135,00 €

Artikelnummer: B019


Winner Gold Cup 2016

H. Stenbeck, B. Freitas, M. Westerdahl

© Ricardo Pinto

Winner Gold Cup 2017

S. Link, F. Butzmann, M. Lipp

© Sven Jürgens


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