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S T A R   S A I L S

For years Fritz Sails has been determining the speed potential in small keel boat classes.

In 2015 Werner Fritz, Frithjof Kleen and I started the development of a new Starboat all-round set. 

Winning the 2016 Bacardi Cup we proved that the design is fast and Fritz Sails started to spread in the Star class.

An intensive cooperation with the top sailors brought further optimizations. Today Fritz sails have a firm standing worldwide in the Star Class and they continuously win championships.

Fritz_Segel_Logo 06.jpg
Starboat main LM-1

2.056,00 €

Artikelnummer: C001

Starboat main LM-2 (over 15kn)

2.056,00 €

Artikelnummer: C002

Starboat jib V-1A Radial (up to 12kn)

928,00 €

Artikelnummer: C003

Starboat jib V-2A Flat

928,00 €

Artikelnummer: C004

Carbo blocks for jib clew


Measurement per sail            

Royalty per sail = Label

Specialbox 340x25x31cm for transport                 

42,00 €


33,00 €

62,00 €

23,00 €

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