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D R A G O N   S A I L S

For years Fritz Sails has been determining the speed potential in the Dragon class. State-of-the-art plotter technology and millimetre-precise laser cutting guarantee you absolutely identical sails from the winners. Optimization through constant customer feedback and intensive cooperation with the top sailors of the class ensure success.

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Main "A-3"

2.174,00 €

Artikelnummer: C011

Genoa "C-7" (up to 25kn)

1.777,00 €

Artikelnummer: C012

Genoa "C-7L" (up to 12kn)

1.757,00 €

Artikelnummer: C013

Genoa "C-7H" (over 18kn)

1.793,00 €

Artikelnummer: C014

Spi "9XL+" (A) one colour

1.807,00 €

Artikelnummer: C015

Spi "9XL+" (B) Fritz colours

1.849,00 €

Artikelnummer: C016

Spi "9XL+" (B) free choice

2.042,00 €

Artikelnummer: C017

Measurement per sail            

Royalty per sail = Label                    

33,00 €

77,00 €

Main A-3

The A-3 has a modified top and foot section. The slightly flatter top is made of hard tempered Dacron cloth. This especially creates an easier control of the twist in light air and simplifies tuning the sail in gene- ral. Additionally the hard Dacron keeps the shape in the high loaded top of the sail exactly where you need and increases durability. The remaining body of the sail stays in balanced medium finished Dacron at minimum weight.

At the same time we decreased the depth in the foot section of the main as well. This reduces helm and al- lows to sheet the genoa more in. As result you get a better air flow at the leeward side of the mainsail. Our new A-3 main fits to all masts.

Three parallel to the boom arranged windows provide an optimum view in all situations of the leeward op- ponents. The spreader window enables crew and skipper to view and thus control the genoa leech at all times. The main leech line can be controlled by the crew, as it is adjustable in the middle of the boom. The A-3 is delivered with two different top bat- tens which are used for light and strong wind condi- tions.

The A-3 is suitable for all wind ranges and sailing areas.
Conclusion: The A-3 is an easy trimming main for all wind and wave conditions from 0 to 35 knots.

Genoa all-purpose C-7

Our new C-7 genoa is a further development of the C- 6. The round entry provides easier steering and maintaining maximum speed. The straight lower exit of the C-7 reduces the return at the leech and crea- tes a better flow attachment on the mainsail, At the same time the new radial head section of the sail supports more twist up the leech. This makes the mainsail even more effective.

The C-7 comes in 5.55oz long lasting and high perfor- mance Dacron.
Whether you have waves or flat water, the C-7 is al- ways fast. The genoa is easy to tune. The accelera- tion after tacking has improved. The clew is rounded. This change helps to tack faster. The sail is not stuk- king at the shrouds. Three windows allow a good view to leeward to watch upwind sailing yachts.

The perfect operating range is 5 Kn. to 18Kn. Conclusion: The C-7 is a perfect all-purpose sail evey- body is happy with!

Genoa heavy C-7H

The C-7H is made of a heavy 6.5oz Dacron cloth. This gives the sail a slightly flatter shape. The very firm material grants an effective shape and durability. We recommend this genoa for more than 18 knots. Our experience shows, if the wind drops down to 12 knots, the sail is still competitive. The clew is rounded. This 

change helps to tack faster. The sail is not stucking at the shrouds.
Three windows allow a good view to leeward to watch upwind sailing yachts.

Conclusion: The C-7H is a „MUST HAVE“ for offshore racing!

Genoa light C-7L

Our C-7L is a little fuller compared to the C-7 and is made of a lighter 4.55oz Dacron fabric. This genoa is a very impressive light weather sail. It fills up your Dragon with a lot of power. The crew has definitely earlier to sit on the rail and transform pressure into velocity. The clew is rounded. This change helps to tack faster. The sail is not stucking at the shrouds. Three windows allow a good view to leeward to watch upwind sailing yachts. The range extends up to 12 knots.

Conclusion: The C-7L is a real step forward in light air!

Spinnaker all-purpose 9XL+

It is specially designed for downwind racing. The big shoulders and balanced shape give the sail a compo- sition of easeful flying at maximized surface in chop- py conditions as well as flat water. All crews, that have sailed the 9XL + don t want to miss its advanta- ges. Even relaxed sailing without the spinnaker pole is possible for short distances. The cloth is silicon co- vered Nylon. The silliconised surface simplifies the hoisting and lowering of the spinnaker when coming in or out of the hatch.

Upon request we sell our 9XL+ Spinnaker without re- trieving patch in weight optimized non-silicone coa- ted Contender Superkote 0.75oz Nylon cloth. This version only can be used on boats without a spinna- ker chute.

Conclusion: There can only be one!

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